Arthritis Relief In the Spa, Hot Tubs Pasadena, Lake Shore

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For people suffering with arthritis, relief is tough to find. Luckily, aquatic exercise has shown some promise. With heat and massage, movement in water decreases pain and increases flexibility. Here’s some news about arthritis relief in the hot tu…


3 Tips for Self Improvement – Hot Tubs Lake Shore, Pasadena

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“There are many reasons for people to improve themselves on a daily basis, it’s a life-long process that encourages better physical and mental health. Here are three tips for fun self-improvement,” said Doug Cashmere, owner of Ace Hardware &amp…

Get Your Spa Ready for Fall – Hot Tub Repair Service Salem

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Yes, it’s true—Fall is here. While some think it’s time to shut down the hot tub, we think it’s the best time to use it! Nothing is better on a crisp, cool night than strolling out to the hot tub for a luxurious soak. Here’s some advice on …

Self-Improvement Ideas, Hot Tubs Ann Arbor, Swim Spas Sale

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Allstate Home Leisure, a Jacuzzi Spas and Sundance hot tub dealer with stores in Livonia, Rochester, Ann Arbor, Sterling Heights and Novi Michigan is proud to share some ideas for self improvement.

Create a Zen Space with a Hot Tub – Creating s…

Improve the Backyard with a Spa at Home, Hot Tub Dealer Middleton, Swim Spas Madison

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When it’s time to make home improvements, the kitchen and bath always seem to be first. But, what about an upgrade that can also improve health and wellness? Here are three ways a hot tub can become the backyard oasis of your dreams.

A Family Ga…

Self-Improvement Tips – Hot Tub Dealer Middleton, Madison

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“Self-improvement isn’t just about making more money or getting a better job. It’s about increasing self-esteem, and helping people create a better version of themselves,” said Fred Bachmann, President of Bachmann Pools and Spas.

Here are …

Why a Lap Pool Is a Smart Investment, Swim Spas Sale Fairfax

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With easier weight loss, relaxation and joint therapy, water is the ideal environment for improved health. Instead of a traditional swimming pool, a swim spa is the perfect solution. Here are three reasons why a swim spa is a smart investment.