Why a Exercise Spa May Be Better Than a Pool, Swim Spas Ankeny

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If you’re looking to swim from home, but not sure if a traditional pool or a swim spa is right for you, some information can help. With compact size, year round use and easy maintenance, here’s why a swim spa may be better than a swimming pool.



Aquatic Exercise and Weight Loss, Swim Spas Ames, Lap Pools

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When it’s time to melt away the pounds, swimming and aquatic exercise delivers. But, finding the opportunity to swim isn’t always easy. Luckily, a swim spa is an easy solution, with space to swim and work out at home.

Here are 3 benefits to us…

Engage Seniors in Safe Exercise, Swim Spas South Valley

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Maintaining health and fitness into the golden years is the key to preserving vitality. Exercise in water is a great choice because it protects joints in a way that traditional exercise on land doesn’t. Here’s why a swim spa is an excellent tool …

Exercise In the Swim Spa, Swim Spa Sale Carson City

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Swimming from home is an easy way to improve health and wellbeing. But if your pool is on the small side, a rigorous swim workout means having to turn every few seconds as you reach the wall. Here’s why the swim spa is a practical and smart choice….

Exercise in the Hot Tub, Used Spas for Sale Chandler

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When the gym isn’t fun anymore, why not try something different? The warm, bubbling environment of a spa offers some unique benefits on the path toward better health. Here’s how exercise in the hot tub can enhance health and fitness.


Relax, Swim or Exercise at Home – Swim Spa Sale Lake Tahoe

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For spa enthusiasts looking to add even more to the experience, an exciting swim spa may be the answer. With a current for swimming and space to exercise and relax, here’s why the modern swim spa is quickly becoming a “must-have” for homeowners…

Using an Exercise Spa, Lap Pool for Weight Loss, Swim Spa Sale Reno

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While swimming and aquatic exercise is a safe, fast way to lose weight, it’s not always convenient to get to the gym, and few of us have time or space to maintain a large swimming pool at home. Luckily, there is an answer.

Here are three reason…