Discover Peace and Health with a Sauna, West Linn Sauna Sale

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Studies are released each day on the terrific benefits of using an infrared sauna. It’s a quiet haven to retreat to at the start or finish of a busy day, and a smart way to rid the body of toxins. Here are just a few ways to enjoy health and peace …


A Spa for Health and Wellness, Hot Tubs Augusta

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Hot tub enthusiasts know something others do not: how easy it is to look and feel terrific with a spa at home. How does the hot tub improve how you feel?

Here are three amazing benefits – the magic of a hot tub revealed for improved health and we…

The Magic of a Portable Spa on Health and Wellness, Hot Tubs Fallon

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While regular exercise, a healthy diet and great lifestyle habits help, many of us are still tired, achy and emotionally stressed most of the time. Here’s some great news. Using a spa on a regular basis can fix many of these problems naturally.

Health Benefits From Using a Lap Pool – Swim Spas Plymouth

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With strategies for health and wellness more popular than ever, people are looking into the benefits of swimming from home for fitness. Aquatic exercise has many terrific advantages.

Here are just a few great health benefits from using a swim spa…

Promote Senior Health with a Taos Swim Spa, Lap Pools Sale

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More so than any other age group, seniors often deal with chronic conditions on a daily basis.
When limited mobility or pain interferes with day-to-day life, a swim spa can offer relief.

Here are three ways to use a swim spa to promote senior h…

Tips for Emotional Health, Hot Tubs Fernley, Clearance Sale

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“Good emotional health is vital to a happy life and to helping people deal with challenges in a positive manner,” said Scott Clark, president of The Spa and Sauna Company.

Here are a few ways to improve emotional wellness.

Relax and D…

Improve Emotional Health in a Phoenix Swim Spa, Superstition Springs Lap Pools

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“The life people live today is full of stress and anxiety. Methods for de-stressing and relaxing are highly prized skills that should be practiced every day”, said Melinda Dalacas, manager of Southwest Spas and Pools.

Here are three ways to be…