Muscle and Joint Recovery In a Portable Spa, Hot Tubs Incline Village

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Whether you’re getting ready to run a marathon, or you just feel like you have at the end of the day, a hot tub can help. With hot, massaging water pushing at all areas of the body, a few minutes in the spa is the key to safe, all natural muscle an…


How a Portable Spa Can Help You Fall Asleep – Hot Tubs Los Ranchos

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Are you looking to fall asleep without having to rely on sleep aids or medication? An all-natural, deep sleep that lets your body rest and recharge is the key to looking and feeling your best. Here’s how a hot tub can help you fall asleep faster.


Use a Portable Spa for Pain Relief – Used Hot Tubs Los Alamos

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Aside from medication and over the counter remedies, how do we control pain? Exercise and physical activity can help, but nothing works as fast, or is as safe, as a dip in the spa. Here’s how to end pain—of all kinds—with a relaxing soak in the…

30 Days to Renewal in a Portable Spa – Hot Tubs Sale Plymouth

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With hot water, massage and buoyancy, hot tub hydrotherapy is the key to looking and feeling your best. If you’re unfamiliar with the benefits, but interested in learning more about a spa at home, here’s how 30 days is all you’ll need for renew…

Boost Mood Naturally in a Portable Spa, South Valley Used Hot Tub Sale

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Our mood impacts everything we do, from work performance to intimate and social relationships. When a sour mood leaves you frustrated, a dip in the spa can help. Here are three ways to boost mood naturally with a hot tub at home.

Unplug with L…

How to Buy a Portable Spa, Hot Tubs Lake Oswego

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If you’ve never had a hot tub before, you’re in for a treat. A hot tub will help you reconnect with loved ones, allow you to escape from the complexities of daily life, induce a more restful night’s sleep and more. How to make the right choice?…

Portable Spas Can Ease Knee Pain, Hot Tubs Fernley

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Knee pain caused by arthritis, injury or overuse is never fun. With swelling, stiffness and constant pain, relief is priority number one. When medications and over the counter drugs aren’t working, a few minutes in the hot tub may be a practical al…