Enjoying Your Spa at Home with the Kids – Hot Tubs Hillsboro

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Spending family time in a hot tub can be terrific, especially with children. After all, how many places can you retreat to nowadays that isn’t filled with techno distractions? Depending on the age of the kids in the spa, it’s also important to ke…

Hot Tubs Scarborough, Soak Your Way to Health and Wellness

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Hot tubs are well known for promoting relaxation and helping people soothe away pain from a variety of muscular and joint discomfort. With heat, massage and buoyancy, a spa can also positively impact your health. Here’s how to hot tub your way to h…

Tips to Fight Boredom – Used Hot Tubs Verona, Preowned Spas Sale Madison

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“National Anti-Boredom Month helps parents find ways to keep the kids active and engaged all summer long, especially as the initial excitement over summer vacation is waning,” said Fred Bachmann, President of Bachmann Pools and Spas.

Here are…

Therapeutic Benefits of a Spa, Hot Tubs Taos

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The benefits from hot tub hydrotherapy are well known. For centuries, experts have been promoting the power of heat, massage and buoyancy for easing pain, reducing stress and improving health and wellness.

Here are three of the most popular therap…

Madison Hot Tubs, Boost Health and Happiness

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If you’ve been thinking about how to enjoy the nice weather, why not invest in a luxurious hot tub at home?

With year round use, health and entertainment value, here are 3 easy ways to maximize happiness with a hot tub.

Customized Mass…

Use Hydrotherapy to Improve Health, Hot Tubs and Spas Fitchburg

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Many people invest in a spa at home for the massaging benefits. With easy pain relief and stress management, a dip in the hot tub is tough to beat. But, the right spa has much more to offer.

Here’s how to use a hot tub for improved circulation …

Safely Using a Spa after Working Out, Hot Tubs Albuquerque

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After a strenuous workout, is there anything to be gained from soaking in a spa? If you prioritize health and fitness, and want to get more from your workout, here’s how to safely use the hot tub to ease pain and promote muscle recovery.