Benefits of Warm Water Immersion, Los Alamos Hot Tubs

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For centuries, people have been using the power of water to promote healing, relieve pain and reduce stress and anxiety. Soaking feels good, but it has some incredible health benefits too. Here are three benefits from warm water immersion in the hot …


How to Get Healthy Spa Water – Hot Tub Repair Service Hillsboro

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Hooray, it’s summer! If you’re one of those people getting ready to ramp up your hot tub use, here are five important things to remember to keep your hot tub water healthy for soaking:

Never soak in cloudy water
A number of things can ca…

Top Benefits of Hot Water Immersion, Hot Tubs Lakewood

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The modern hot tub offers families, singles, and even retirees’ a convenient place to relax and rejuvenate from the comfort and privacy of home. If you’re considering your options with a spa, and wondering what you have to gain, here are the top …

Salt Water Spas – What Are the Benefits? | Hot Tubs Bend, Vancouver Swim Spas

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If you’re thinking of buying a hot tub, nothing is more enjoyable than soaking in the refreshing water of a Hot Spring Spa. Hot Spring tackled the challenge of using salt to sanitize their hot tub with its ACE Salt Water Care— and it’s been a b…

How Hot Water Therapy Can Improve Your Mood – Hot Tubs Tyler, Swim Spas, TX

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In today’s overworked, chaotic world, many of us simply aren’t getting enough rest and relaxation. Hot water therapy can help. In just a few minutes a day, you can lift your spirits, improve your mood and enjoy a better outlook on life.